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Ingredient Statement

For the last decade, we at Nature's Wealth Vitamins have been focused on providing consumers with products that are effective and meet their needs and expectations.

In our products we look for ingredients that are scientifically proven and backed by the very best companies. Once we find them, we do not shop around for cheaper alternatives.

We are deeply committed to providing the consumer with the highest standards of raw ingredients from the very best US, Canadian, and European sources in every category of our product selection. We stay committed to quality by purchasing over 50 trademarked and patented ingredients for our supplements.

Recently we have been forced to buy two basic nutrients, Vitamin C and Vitamin B-Complex from China because we no longer have any Domestic or European suppliers that manufacturer these ingredients. The US has established well defined regulatory standards and methods of analysis for these two basic nutrients because most of the food you purchase on grocery store shelves are fortified with B and C, and all of these nutrients whether used in supplements or in our food supply now come from China.

In this ever changing global economy, if any raw product we use becomes unavailable from our US, Canadian or European suppliers, we will post this information our Website.