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Reason's Why to Buy Nature's Wealth Vitamins

Contains the World's Leading Ingredients

The raw products used in Nature's Wealth Vitamins are supplied by the world's leading ingredient manufacturers. Unlike most other suppliers, these companies conduct scientific research to help establish the safety and effectiveness of their ingredients. Their use of strict quality control procedures ensures that the ingredients are free of unwanted impurities and contaminants. In many cases, the ingredients, which are often trademarked and patented, are the very ones used in medical research.

Feature Clinically Proven European Extracts

Each raw product is carefully extracted to achieve the optimum levels of biologically active compounds. They are also clinically tested to prove their safety and effectiveness before they are introduced to the marketplace. You cannot find herbal extracts anywhere in the world that have benefited from more scientific research and rigorous manufacturing than the Standardized European herbal extracts in Nature's Wealth Vitamins. These strictly regulated Standardized European quality specifications are comparable to the over-the-counter drug standards in the U.S.

Formulated Using the Lastest Scientific Evidence

The formulas used in Nature's Wealth Vitamins feature some of the most advanced nutrients and botanical ingredients available. Each ingredient in the formula is carefully chosen to work synergistically with other ingredients to enhance the overall effectiveness of the product. You will find that these formulas feature the most beneficial ingredients at levels that are proven effective in scientific studies.

Carefully Manufactured

Nature's Wealth Vitamins are carefully manufactured with the highest standards. Throughout the manufacturing process, meticulous Quality Assurance procedures are followed to ensure the consistent quality of the finished product. To ensure that our products will break down properly in the body, they are tested, prior to their release, for disintegration using methods outlined in the United States Pharmacopeia.

Laboratory Tested

Nature's Wealth Vitamins are rigorously tested by independent, FDA inspected laboratories which have particular expertise in the analysis of nutritional supplements. These tests evaluate the identity, potency and purity of each product through the most reliable analytical methods available.

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